Jason Robinson
The Jager tour will be coming soon. Along on the tour with Jason Robinson are comedians Paul Hooper and Matt Davis. These guys are sure to bring the funny all over the country Jager style. As soon as the tour gets on its way it will be posted here first.
About the tour

What's up folks? Well here is the deal. We are on our way with the Jager tour. If you would like to check out my schedule click here. It is sure to be a great time. Can you telll I am just typing a bunch of crap. Ok it's not crap. We really are touring the contury offering my style of full throttle style of comedy. If you have been to my show you understand. If you haven't seen the show yet, you probibly don't care . Give it a chance check it out. Here are some clips of the show. Wow its late and I should not be writing any of this. Thanks for stopping by.