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Booking:Jason Robinson
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Other Clubs Worked, to name a few:
Funny Farm, Atlanta, GA
Comedy Zone, All Locations
Funny Bone, Fairview, Il- St. Louis, Mo- South Bend, IN
The Stardom, Birmingham, AL
The Laugh House, Philadelphia, PA
Comix Café, Rochester, NY
Snickers Comedy Club, Ft. Wayne, IN
Loony Bin, Wichita, KS-Okalahoma City, OK-Little Rock, AR
Casino Magic, Biloxi, MS
Howl At The Moon, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
The Comedy Catch, Chattanooga, TN
River City Comedy Club, River City Mall, San Antonio, TX

Time to grow up? Think again, Jason Robinson quite possibly taken “idiot” to the next level. Taking a look at life through Jason’s viewfinder will leave you a “laughing” wreck, unable to function as a normal part of society, ever again. Left field or somewhere in the middle is were his comedy is coming from. Some have called it "Full Throttle Comedy" His show embraces the idiot in all of us. It's a high energy ride that your sure to enjoy. Jason performs in comedy clubs from coast to coast. He has quickly become a "stand-up" favorite in all parts of the country. Most recently, Jason entertained for thousands as the opening act for BMG recording country group, LONESTAR. It was no surprise that the LONESTAR fans responded very well to Jason's homegrown style of physical, over-the-top humor.Drawing from the experiences we all go through, to which audiences can relate, coupled with original observations and humorous glances of life, namely his offbeat view of life, while using crazy facial expressions, unique manufactured sounds, Jason never fails to enlighten, surprise and simply entertain.

Venues Jason opened for LoneStar:
The Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
Bangor Auditorium, Banger, MI
Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA
Rialto Sq. Theater, Joliet, IL
McCollum Theater, Palm Springs, CA
Paramount Theater, Stockton, CA
Bob Hope Theater, Oakland, CA

Jason has played::::

*The Comedy Store, Hollywood
*The Improve Olympic, Hollywood
*Comedy Central, Corp Shows


The Funny Bone Baton Rouge, LA
Zanies Chicago, St Charles, IL The Laff Stop Houston, TX
The Funny Bone Comedy Southbend, IN
The Comedy Showcase Houston, TX
River Center Comedy Club, San Antonio, TX
The Comedy Zone ALL OF THEM The Laugh Stop Akron, OH
The Comedy Zone's Harrisburg, PA
The Comedy Zone Panama City Beach, FL
The Comedy Zone Palm Harbor, FL
The Comedy Zone Charlotte, NC (to name a few)
Baldo’s Comedy Club now *South Street Comedy Club, Jackson, T
Amarillo Comedy Club, Amarillo, TX
Laugh-In Comedy Club, Ft. Myers, FL
The Comedy Club @ The Gypsy, St. Augustine, FL
Comedy Tennessee, Memphis, TN
The Loft, Columbus, GA
Marvin Lee's Joke Factory Aniston AL
deJaVu Bentonville, AR
Funny Farm Gerard, OH
Funny Farm Youngstown, OH