Sept 21, 2007

Well it's been sometime since I have written anything. I still haven't written anything, but I do fill better writing this. I will have some great thing to say someday. Well I don't really mean great. I think there are three people that really read this and I would like to say hi now. Greg S. good of you to stop by we have to grab a bite soon. Greg (Brother) Sorry there isn't any real thoughts going on. Hi Mom, yes I am funnier then Jerry Seinfeld (fiction) Keech dog, what's up. on a tour bus rolling down the road with someone else driving and surfing the web. Man you got if rough!.


July 7th 2006

Rock-in Roll is alive! Dam, I saw PEARL JAM! Ok, so far this week my brother and I have seen the band in Las Vegas and tonight in San Diego. Let me say this if rock-in roll was a religion then PEARL JAM would have everyone converted and saved. This was the most incredible shows I have seen. Eddie Vedder has captured what is it is to be a rock star. You can’t even imagine how fifteen thousand people can get on the same page with music holding them all together. There aren’t many things these days that people can agree on, but this music has audiences totally in agreement that Pearl Jam rocks!!!!!

The entire band is incredible, but Eddie holds every member of the audiences attention with his inspiring and amazing voice. Also going to the show is incredible to see as you watch all fifteen thousand people singing every song as the band performs it. He literally allows the audience to perform some of the songs as the band plays along. PEARL JAM performs for you and with you. As far as fans go the best. Many exchanging stories of previous show and comparing set list and incredible performance moments. If you have not had a chance to see them, make a point of doing so. You will be come a follower. Do it before it just becomes a cool story of a band that was legendary with their performances. Tomorrow we head to LA for a show on Sunday. Neither of the shows have matched at all with a new set list every show. Eddie Veder makes up a different set list just prior to every show. The band prints original art work posters for every show. The posters are a one of a kind and can only be had at the show and I am sure on Ebay the next day. Also the performances can be downloaded in there entirety 24 hours after the show. At the San Diego show we were treated to three hours of incredible music that I can’t wait to hear again. The shows are true to the band name their, it is a Jam session for three hours. Normally when a concert is over the band is out and off the stage fairly quickly. PEARL JAM was sitting on amps and chairs with the house lights on as the lead guitarist played the national anthem to close out the show. You will stand the whole time but believe me it is a work out that is well worth it. If you have seen them live let me know. I am sure you have a great story about a show.

Rock on,

Dec, 11, 2005

I want a $200 pair of sunglasses.
What should I do? What will I see? Will they make it all better? Should I get a job that can afford a two hundred dollar pair of sunglasses? Do I really need to ware sunglasses? I am not even sure I mind the sun that much. What if I learn to ware them all of the time will I miss out on true color? What tint do I want to look thru? They really cost too much. I don’t make that sort of money. I really don’t want to get a normal job. I wish I made more money. I have cheap sunglasses, they were thirty-five dollars. The two hundred dollar sunglasses look like they could really change things. It’s not a house it’s just a pair of sunglasses. I am not sure I can have both the dream and the sunglasses. I really would enjoy those sunglasses. Driving would be much more fun. The fifteen-hour drives would go by so fast. People would look at me with the sunglasses and think, “this guy really has it all together, look at those sunglasses” I wish I had a pair of two hundred dollar sunglasses.
I bought em pull the dam trigger.

Nov 10, 2005 (ask questions)

A few weeks ago I did a show in Florida. It was a nice big crowd of about 170, very cool. I ask the guy that booked me in the room if there were any restrictions on language, and he said No do what you want. So now I have permission to run my mouth in any direction I want. So I go up and do my regular club set, thinking this looks like a normal sort of crowd. Well it was sort of flat. As a comic you have certain jokes that you know always get a laugh and when they don't I get the look on my face like I have just be turned down at the register for the instant credit. I even ask that crowd " what the hell is the a church social or something" well as it turned out it was the next best thing, a fund raiser for children. Not your normal club crowd. Had I realized there would have not been the hump show and picking on the friends of the club in the front row. I thought is was weird that the next two comics after me went up know half the room by name. It was both their home club. It goes to show you can't ask enough questions. Maybe the guy told me but Children and Fund raiser usually stick to the brain. Never the less it was fun. No blame, The guys were both great. This is probibly one of the biggest laughing at your self moments I have had in a while. After the show I was all asking the guy that booked me "so how often do you do this? every week?" Not knowing Fund raiser Reply, No just once a year, then he handed the brochure and I was like dam.....Childern...Noooooooo

Nov 5, 2005

Ok well it is the big town of Wichita KS, Well all I can say is that you never know what to expect when you go to a town. I think that there are some states you never think about until you are in them. Kansas is nice it's just I never think about it until I get here. For any one that is contemplating doing comedy. Wait and thank. This is the what have you done for me lately job. I can't belive it is really a job. Don't tell anyone. All I can say is I am dam funny. I never want this to turn into a job where all I think about is how can I sell more T-shirts. Belive me it's easy to do. Buy the way I have a big ass T-shirt page. See I told you. There aren't any perks. You have to keep the funny in prospective. As soon as you start figuring out the next angle on how to get another fifteen dollars out the crowd just quit and start a nice EBAY site. I trying not to build joke out of t-shirt ides. That might keep you writing to the nose pickers. But the nose pickers can make you also look at NSCAR. Peace out.

I want to write an book "How To Move Beyond the Fart Joke"

Nov 2, 2005

Well I really don't have much now. I have just finished driving from Sarasota FL, to Topeka KS, wow if you haven't spent 23 hours in you car at one time don't. I have driven this country now for sometime and I really think that I am starting to run into the same truck drivers in the truck stops. I am going to have to get a CB and a "handle". Of course CB's are sort of un-cool. But I think they may make a come back now that we have two way on or cell phones. That's how I keep from getting my ass kicked in truck stops. Pull out the Nextell two way and start talking trucker slang. "you bet rubber duck, good buddy" I am not using the Smoky and the Bandit phone. I will make a call. I do have to say that using that option does give you more time to gather you thoughts as you talk, and you don't feel like talking you just don't. Here is some therapy for those people that think there better then there fellow man. Sleep in you car on a long trip. You really do feel like a turd. Needless to say I sleep in my car on this last trip. Nothing like going to sleep at a rest stop with know one there and waking up in the morning with family's looking in you windows to see if you are alive. Keep on Truckin.

Oct 21, 2005

I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this stuff. But anyway I am sitting in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Alabama waiting to do a show in a few hours. Yes, there is high speed internet at the McDonald's in Alabama. I a state where they look at you funny if you have sleeves on your shirt they are forward thinking enough to put high speed in the fat farm. I hardly think that surfing the web in on the minds of anyone walking to McDonalds. People in line look like chain smokers just trying to get a fix. I can't eat it unless I have an extra beach towel to role up each french fry to absorb some of the grease. Next door is a Captian D's. That is one captain that is not going down with the ship. That is just pure suicide, and euthanasia is against the law? Belly up, I think they should have to change that name of the Meal Deals to remind you what a bad decision your getting ready to make. If you had to stand in line and order allowed "yes give me the Fat ass Burger deal with a coke" or maybe the "I haven't seen my dick in eight years meal deal" hold the sauce.

Oct 21, 2005

Why are girls allowed to take their
nasty bachelorette party's in public?
There is nothing like a woman with her fifty
best friends, with the soon to be married covered
in fake penises like a Christmas tree gone wrong.
Guys we couldn't even get in the door
of a club with our best friend covered in fake
vaginas. We would spend that night in jail for lewd
conduct. You will never see a guy at a night club yelling at his friends, "come on guys grab one off with your mouth".

Oct 17,2005

Here is my latest thought to share with you. I did a room in Florida where there are a lot of old people that are trying to stay active and getting out at night so they don't die. Well that is all fine but they really don't want to be out if the truth be known. Especially watching me dance around on stag with my BUTT in their face. Old people be old. This nigh was like a bad Efferdent commercial. Old people laughing with perfect fake teeth. Don't get me worng the show wasn't bad but there just that group of older folks that were hoping for a Bob Hope tour. There was one old woman in the back she was about 70 years young and her head was laying over the back of the chair and mouth wide open, yes asleep.....zzzzzzzz I didn't have the hart to call here out that would have turned AARP crowd against me. Anyway I thought it was funny. The manager was standing over here trying to get my to say something I just couldn't do it. I would love to have her picture on the cover of my next dvd.
Keep up the great work saving lives thru comedy. I do know that we are all going to get old, o yes we are and when I do I am going to do the excact same thing. I am going to a comedy show with another washed up comic looking like the two gumpy guys from Mupet Show and sleep. God bless us all.

Oct 14,2005

(Message from Keech Rainwater of LONESTAR)
Jason and I have known one another for a couple of years. I have to say he is one of the most upbeat, honest and funny guys I've ever known. Come to think of it, I can't say I have ever seen him upset or mad. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with him on tour with Lonestar and in Nashville when he comes to visit. He's always good for a laugh or two and is usually up late like me tapping away on our computers till the wee hours. Jason is an amazingly talented artist and designer as well as a great director and writer. I have no doubt this guy will be a huge star someday and I can say I knew him when. Jason, Keep up the awesome work and I'll catch up with you at a Panera Bread real soon.
Jasons Quote after knocking over a lamp..... "It was all going so well...."

August, 29th

Well could things get better, I think my cup is half empty. I was canceled still not sure why. I know how my friend Tom Simmons feels when he was canceled with no notice. He was canceled out of an Improve in Reno that hurts. I was canceled out of a shit weekend in Panama City Beach FL, There is nothing like driving 1100 miles to get that phone call. No sleep left sitting in a Kristals looking like shit after not sleeping for 24 hours. My front car seat bed head said it all, why didn't I finish collage. Then I remembered I never started. I can't stop thinking about watching the coverage of the hurricane. I now think I am qualified to cover the weather on FOX NEWS.

August, 01, 2005

Thanks for stopping by. I am not a big fan of the writing (ha Ha). But I thought it would be cool to write some stuff every week about the road and what is going on with me and all of people meet every week. I just finished a two weeks in Florida and wow what a good time. I saw that Space Shuttle take off and did a bunch of shows to boot. So I am now sitting at a kinko's working on junk and thought I would put a few words down.

August, 03, 2005
Someone ask me this question, so this the answer..

What best describes my show?
It is almost three parts. It’s a little country Red state humor. It also is a slice of life. Taking a look at some of the realities that we live around every day and don’t stop to think about. The other is an energetic walk thru life while paying attention to everything. I give the audience something that they can only get from me, which is myself. I am not afraid of in a sense tripping in a public place and then running in to stack of aluminum trays that make lots of noise when they fall and so on…. Then blaming it on some innocent old lady for tripping me and pushing me down.
My show is attempting to bring everyone in on the funny. I have the ability to talk about thing that are good and bad and make it all funny. It is the reality of close to thirty on both ends that affects everyone. I am not trying to be the smartest or the edgiest. I am simply trying to make people laugh with original ideas that come from everyday life. I have found that people like to hear about themselves and see our commonality that makes us look at one another in the same light. No matter if you leave the show in a pickup truck or a Lexus. The audiences are the judges they know what they want and I try my best to give it to them.
It’s just funny.